File Description Download link
EST library information, derived from NCBI UniGene database EST_Lib_Info.gz
Information of EST to library mapping, derived from NCBI UniGene database EST_Lib_Map.gz
Contains all the EST/cDNA/RefSeq after filtering procedures EST_cDNA_RefSeq.gz
poly(A) hexamer signal information PAS.gz
RefSeq information RefSeq.gz
Information about mapped exons exon.gz
Information of genes, represented by LocusLink gene.gz
Human and mouse ortholog pairs, derived from NCBI HomoloGene database hs_mm_ortholog.gz
Contains information of poly(A) sites identified polyAsite.gz
poly(A) hexamer signals and their IDs signal.gz

PolyA_DB1 Statistics:

H. sapiensM. musculusTotal
Aligned cDNA/ESTs 2,103,9951,181,1943,285,189
PolyA sites 29,28316,28245,565
Genes with one polyA site 6,4187,57713,995
Genes with alternative polyA sites 7,5243,57811,102
Total Genes 13,94211,15525,097
Orthologous pairs 7,9357,9357,935
Tissue types 331155455
Organ types 10747133

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