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EST library information, derived from NCBI UniGene database EST_Lib_Info.db2.bz2
Information of EST to library mapping, derived from NCBI UniGene database EST_Lib_Map.db2.bz2
Contains all the EST/cDNA/RefSeq after filtering procedures EST_cDNA_RefSeq.db2.bz2
poly(A) hexamer signal information PAS.db2.bz2
RefSeq information RefSeq.db2.bz2
Information about mapped exons exons.db2.bz2
Information of genes, represented by LocusLink gene.db2.bz2
Human and mouse ortholog pairs, derived from NCBI HomoloGene database hs_mm_ortholog.db2.bz2
Contains information of poly(A) sites identified polyAsite.db2.bz2

PolyA_DB2 statistics:
No. of cDNA/ESTs 3,106,7701,966,056388,581264,625176,740
No. of poly(A/T)-tailed cDNA/ESTs 530,199189,619144,36416,76121,650
No. of polyA sites 54,68630,23526,6026,2875,830
No. of UniGenes 39,10528,62232,94518,19412,184
No. of NCBI Genes 22,00123,00516,5606,7426,554
No. of CLUBs 39,18128,67832,98218,19412,190
No. of Trace seq with Accession Number 1,541,9811,507,961373,556-388,893
No. of Trace seq used 1,056,5421,308,137320,724-221,566
No. of Trace seq with poly(A/T) tail 60,970134,40164,288-18,930

Databases Used:
UniGene for human and mouse (NCBI, 7/2005)
UniGene for rat, chicken, and zebrafish (NCBI, 8/2005)
EST sequences (NCBI dbEST, 8/2005)
cDNA sequences (NCBI GeneBank, 8/2005)
Gene (NCBI, 8/2005)
Human genome (UCSC hg17, 5/2004)
Mouse genome (UCSC mm5, 5/2004)
Rat genome (UCSC rn3, 5/2003)
Chiken genome (UCSC galGal2, 2/2004)
Zebrafish genome (UCSC danRer1, 11/2003)
multiz8way alignment (UCSC, 7/2004)
Trace sequences (NCBI Trace Archive, 9/2006)

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